What are Koozies?

There are special bottle, and can holders today called koozies which are designed to keep your beverages chilled if you if you are drinking cold ones. There are different shapes and sizes for koozies that you can use for different beverage containers. During the warm weather, it is great to have a koozie since cold beverages tend to get warm immediately. Koozies can also protect your hand from getting wet from the condensation on the surface of the beverage can or bottle.

The main purpose of a koozie is to keep cold beverages stay cold as they should. Koozies function just like a thermos that keeps hot water hot and cold water cold for a long time since koozies provide an insulated barrier surrounding the container to keep the beverage cold inside. Your hands will not become damp and slippery while holding the cold can or bottle which is wrapped in a koozie.

In times past, the koozie was only made in the shape of a sleeve so that it can fit soda and beer cans. Now you can find many different shapes of koozies that can hold any shape of container or bottle that the beverages come in. There are koozies that can be stretched or zipped in order to accommodate the bottle or, so the shape of the bottle can be copied. You can also use koozies for tall plastic water bottles and traditional glass soda bottles.

The materials used for making koozies include foam, leather, nylon, neoprene and polyurethane. The easy in transporting koozies and the easy fit with beverage containers is due to the softness and adaptability of koozies. Foldable koozies are great to bring around and to store. You should get koozies with clip attachments which can enable you to attach your koozies to your bags or chairs.

Another great kind of koozies are the personalized ones since it can suit every person’s needs. You can personalize your koozies that is appropriate for your character since there are many different styles and designs of personalized koozies. If you want to promote your sports team or you want to promote your business, personalized koozies can help you do it. if your business marketing campaign includes giving away promotional products, then you can give koozies away which has your logo and business details on it.

Koozies are also ideal gifts for birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. There are many companies today that offer customization of your koozie according to the color and design that you want. You can show beverage ownership by having your name put on the koozie. Koozies are great additions to your favorite things.

If you are a business owner, you can market your business with items that appeal to your customers in a fun and useful way, like koozies.

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