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Criminals these days are becoming more and more intelligent by inventing better methods to steal from you, this has made a lot of people more cautious. The rise in crime rates is responsible for the fact that nowadays it’s a common thing to see houses with alarms, hidden cameras, electric fencing and other maximum safety features. When power goes down it will make your electric fences, cameras and alarms useless and its easy for burglars to climb walls however tall they are leaving your door the only protection you have.

With this in light, your window and door locks should be your first priority, focus on making them as secure as possible. Installing locks requires an experienced locksmith which is another hard task to accomplish because not many of them have the qualities; it is like finding a needle in a haystack. Due to these reasons many people try the do it yourself method which leads them to making the situation worse or doing an ineffective job that could expose them to danger than when they had a locksmith do it for them.

Many fake locksmiths trying to scam you may use the addresses of legit locksmith companies, in this situation google the addresses to make sure they match up. Secondly, you need to check the license and identification of the personnel when they get to your house.

Another red flag that you need to keep in mind is locksmiths that charge low prices, the ones that charge low prices use it as a way to entice you to let them work on your locks but are scammers that want to come back later and steal from you. Asking if there are any extra charges could help avoid them putting in a position of questioning their integrity because it has been common for some of them to hide extra charges which they reveal after their done which could ruin the business relationships.

Some scammers usually come in unmarked vehicles and this should be a major red flag to you because the clear thing is that they are scammers. Only use locksmiths that have been insured so that incase anything goes wrong, you can be compensated for your losses.

After making sure that the locksmiths coming into your house are legitimate, it is also important that you make sure you are present when they are installing the locks because if you are absent, they could use that absence to scam you in ways you cannot fathom.

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