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Factors to Consider in Metal Spinning

The process through which we end up with magnificent metal products starts from the raw metal that is made to undergo a lot of processes. The process of metal spinning is a process through which a discs or tubes of metal are rotated at high speeds and we end up having a different symmetrical makes. This process can be done by hand or through the use of a device specially made for the purpose.

In spinning of conventional wood there might be removal of some materials but with metal spinning there will be no extraction of any material. In the spinning of metal , there will be a shape through which the sheet of metal will be formed on. The process is applied in artistic work by professionals skilled in producing art work of this kind. The spinning process is not rocket science in case you thought it was hard, it starts by mounting the formed shape on the driving part of a lathe. The metal sheet will then be clamped against the block through pressure clamps. The next step will involve rotating the metal disc and the block together and extremely fast as well.

As the two pieces are in motions, levers with different levels of forces are brought in that cause the metal sheet to flow over block. There are complex pieces that will require a multi piece block to be used to give the multi piece shape of the metal. Surprisingly hard ice can be used in the process of making the metal adopt the shape because it conveniently melts after the process is complete. The spinning process can also include the high temperatures from a hot torch, this process is known as hot spinning. Hot spinning is faster in comparison to the normal way of spinning with no application of heat, hot metal is easy to fold. In metal works after metal has been worked on when hot it’s cooled rapidly so as to have the results just the way the artists wants.

Metal spinning has its advantages in comparison to other metal forming techniques. Metal spinning allows the artist to make alterations that tend to be very cheap compared to other methods. Metal pressing on the other hand involves placing metal sheets in a machine that will make them into a net shape. Metal pressing involves a lot of processes that can be explored so as to turn the metal into the desired shape. Bending is among the most common metal pressing procedures, here the metal is bent and usually along a line. Ironing is another metal pressing technique, the metal here is forced against a surface and the desired result will be reducing the thickness of the metal.

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