There was a time when the average professional wrestling fan would bristle at the notion that the action was anything but authentic. Since then, major organizations like World Wrestling Entertainment have embraced the idea that admittedly choreographed matches can still produce all the drama and suspense that fans demand.

Read more online about some of the wrestlers who have guided the sport through this transition and it will become clear that excitement has never been in short supply. Even some of the most common moves professional wrestlers subject their opponents to can be extraordinarily impressive.

World Class Athletes Engaged in Epic Drama in the Ring

Just as with athletes of many other kinds, today’s top professional wrestlers are all specimens of true physical excellence. Even wrestlers who carry around many extra pounds atop their frames will typically be packed with far more underlying muscle than the average person could even dream of building.

Being in such highly tuned shape allows professional wrestlers to engage in some truly spectacular things inside the ring. While the dramatic signature moves that many top wrestlers work into their routines might top the charts, even everyday wrestling maneuvers can be impressive. Two of those that most regularly draw applause and hearty boos from fans are:

  • The piledriver. Wrestling rings are finished with a thick, durable type of canvas that has quite a bit of give. While this helps absorb some of the shock that results when three-hundred-pound plus bodies collide at speed, there are still limits. With the victim being driven directly head-first into the canvas, the piledriver is a move that often makes this clear.
  • The DDT. A close relative of the long-established piledriver, the DDT was designed to put an opponent down for the count. After obtaining an advantageous position known as a “front facelock,” the would-be victor drives the shoulders of the other, upside-down wrestler into the mat and tries to hold them there until the referee calls an end to the match.

For Many, the Most Exciting Sport of All

With staples like these livening up even matches that fall far down the night’s card, wrestling fans can always count on plenty of excitement. That is part of why professional wrestling is a subject of such intense interest to so many today.