NBA 2K League This Week: Raptors Uprising GC set another record

Week 8 of the NBA 2K League is about to tip-off and, for now, the league’s fallen into a bit of a holding pattern with the elite remaining the elite and the basement dwellers remaining just that.

So, as usual, here’s a look back at the week that was.

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Uprising update

Ho-hum, Raptors Uprising GC remain undefeated, but this time was a little different.

The Uprising played a rare Monday contest, demolishing Heat Check Gaming in both games of their series by an average margin of 30 points.

Outside of the fact the Uprising proved they can be every bit as good as they normally are on a Monday (a feat they had yet to prove up until now), they also set a new 2K League record by starting their season with 11 straight wins.

If you include the five straight victories they earned in the Tipoff Tournament, that’s 16 straight wins for the Uprising, an amazing accomplishment.

Up next on the Uprising’s Goldberg-like hit list will be the Gen.G Tigers, an expansion team that represents Shanghai, China.

Interestingly enough, the Tigers probably gave the Uprising their stiffest challenge of any team all season as they managed to take a game off the Uprising in the semi-finals of the Tipoff Tournament.

During that match, Gen.G expertly employed RUGC’s scrambling, pressing defence and managed to get the better of the scheme’s innovator once. So It’ll be interesting to see if lightning can, indeed strike twice.

They play Thursday at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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Around the league

As alluded to off the top, the 2K League may have a parity problem on its hands.

Of the 23 teams in the league, only eight have a record above .500, five have records right at .500 and the other 10 are below .500, with five teams with only two wins on the season or less.

It does look good that only less than half the league is under .500, but the problem has been the lack of movement pretty much everywhere outside of the first two or three weeks of the season.

For the most part, the standings have been frozen in place all season long something that, on one hand, can be seen as a good thing because the best-of-three format has really weeded out the haves from the have-nots, but at the same time without the volatility of one-game wins and losses it’s stagnated things a little.

Right now, there is no feeling that any team can win on any random night and it’s sucked some of the fun out things.

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