Mike Weir talks golfing with Jordan, Gretzky, Hull, Lemieux

There are many perks to being a PGA Tour-calibre golfer, especially when you’re a Masters champion like Mike Weir.

Weir won the green jacket in 2003 and over the years has shared the course with many great athletes from other sports, including NBA icon and avid golfer Michael Jordan.

The Last Dance, ESPN’s documentary series about the Jordan-era Chicago Bulls, has had sports fans on the edge of their seats the past couple weeks and Weir has been privy to various tidbits courtesy of Jordan while the two were on the course.

Weir grew up in Sarnia, Ont., not far from Michigan, so as a kid he cheered for the Detroit Pistons and was a fan of Isiah Thomas.

“I’ve played with Michael a few times and I’ve asked him about that (rivalry) and ya he still definitely doesn’t like the Detroit Pistons and those guys,” Weir said during an appearance on Good Show on Wednesday.

Weir has resided in Utah for years and Jordan’s Bulls famously defeated the Jazz in back-to-back NBA Finals before MJ retired in 1998.

“He also talked about how tough it was to play the Utah Jazz and John Stockton and how gritty John Stockton was when he was throwing a screen, there was a little elbow, a little knee he was sticking out,” Weir said. “It was just fascinating to play with Michael and listen to his competitiveness and his memory of all those things.

“Michael’s just a great guy. It was great he came up and played in my charity event a bunch of years ago and he loves the game. He loves to play and he’s pretty darn good.”

Jordan’s competitiveness is legendary and wasn’t limited to the basketball court.

“There was all that talk when he first retired that he might try professional golf but there’s lots of players that think they can do that in different respective sports,” Weir said of Jordan and other top athletes. “When they retire they think they can play golf (but) you’re just at such a disadvantage against all the guys that have done this since they were kids and practised and played junior tournaments, amateur tournaments.

“Golf’s the one sport I think you think you can do as a professional because you play good at your local club.”

Weir also told a story about one time playing a round with Hockey Hall of Famers Brett Hull, Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux at a charity tournament.

“I played with Brett Hull a few times years ago and he’s a good player. On a given day might be neck and neck with you for a little bit but not for very long. … The three of them played me in a match. Their best ball against me on every hole and I won.”

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